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Chilches Materials, S.A. was created in 1999 and takes part of Torrecid Group, the world leader providing products and solutions for the ceramic, glass, refractory and investment casting industries.

We are oriented toward the production of high quality ceramic opacifiers and the offering of excellent services to providing our customers with the best competitive advantage.

Our main activity is the processing of premium zircon sand, and we are able to deliver opacifiers with customized degrees of fineness worldwide.

Chilches Materials produce zirconium silicate under the brand MICROZIR®.


Zirconium silicate is the main opacifier used in the ceramic industry.

Chilches Materials is well-known for its high-quality MICROZIR ® opacifiers. Our products’ excellence has been achieved by the processing of premium zircon sand and the use of the latest technology in ultra-fine grinding.

The MICROZIR® ceramic opacifiers provide high whiteness and opacity in ceramic glazes, ceramic pigments, porcelain bodies, sanitary ware, and tableware.

For more specific applications, such as sanitary ware, we can offer finer and whiter zircon opacifiers.

Microzir® zircon flour 325 #, 250# and 200# are used by various industrial sectors such as the manufacturing of frits, brake linings, foundry, glass, investment casting, and refractory.




The production plant and warehouse of Chilches Materials, S.A. take up 30.000 m2 and are equipped with modern facilities, including a central administration building and a laboratory.

We possess the latest technology in ultra-fine grinding for achieving the best results in the production of micronized zirconium silicate.

The sources of supply of zircon sand used in our process are carefully selected, establishing a long-term relationship with our suppliers that guarantees a stable supply and consistency with quality and logistics.

Our more than 15 years of experience and the seal of guarantee for being part of Torrecid group eases the continuous improvement and innovation of our manufacturing processes in order to offer the best competitive advantages to our customers.



We provide solutions

Chilches Materials provides different services, including services of analysis, tile application tests, quality certifications, and advice in the use of our products. In addition, we offer to all our customers the solutions and services of Torrecid group through our direct presence in more than 28 countries.

Furthermore, we work in close and continuous collaboration with our customers in order to find out the most suitable solution to their needs and offer them the best competitive advantage.

Our products are available in a wide variety of packaging types and formats: bulk, big-bags, 25 kg paper bags, small bags…

We supply worldwide

We adapt to the transport needs of each customer. We work with companies that are specialized in proving efficient and fast solutions for sea and road transport.


We are in Industrial Park "Els Plans", Sector Z1, 12592 CHILCHES, Castellón, Spain - 39°47'16.8"N 0°10'35.7"W
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